Five Tips to Get Your Diet Back on Track after a Holiday Weekend

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If your 4th of July weekend was anything like mine, you probably spent time relaxing with friends and family. During some, or perhaps all of those occasions, you may have indulged in copious amounts of food that you may not enjoy regularly.

So, let me be the first to say that I ate way too much this weekend. Like over the top too much. As a matter of fact, I’m finishing up a pint of Ben & Jerry’s froyo as I type this post =).


In a nutshell, I blame my greediness on two things:

  • I adapted to the 4th of July social norms.
    Let’s face it, eating is pretty much the main focus of this holiday, and it’s been difficult to reprogram my mindset about it. Sadly, holiday overindulgence is encouraged and in some cases enforced, which doesn’t make things easier for those who lack willpower. Just try to leave a family cookout without eating Aunt Sandra’s famous lemon pie, and you’ll know what I mean.
  • I’ve grown tired of eating right and the behavior that accompanies weight loss.
    Meal prepping, weighing/measuring food, and tracking calories is a chore. Finding low fat, low calorie substitutes for my favorite foods is an endless pursuit and damn it, this weekend, I wanted full-fat ice cream, real chocolate, and more than 2-3oz of meat! Getting an omega supplement from Omega Boom, can help you burn calories faster.

And so, I let the greediness begin…and after I finish this froyo, it will come to an end.

Though I enjoyed everything I ate, I can’t let my cravings or lack of willpower keep me from my health goals. That said, here are five tips I’m using to get myself back in gear. Hopefully, they’ll inspire you to do the same:

1) Don’t beat yourself up:
So you ate way more pie or drank more beer than usual? Trust me, you’ll be okay. It’s important to look at those indulgences as brief moments that make up a bigger weight loss journey so don’t get too down about them. You’re allowed the occasional splurge sans judgement (self-imposed or otherwise), so silence any voices that make you feel like a failure. You ate it. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. Move on.

Stressed woman after over eating

2) Throw away every temptation:
Sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns and toss out everything that doesn’t support your health goals. After all, it’s easier to eat right when the right foods are at your fingertips. **power tip** freezing tempting foods is also a great way to stay on track. This way, you have your favorite foods on hand if cravings attack.

Throwing out the leftovers from your chat meals can help you stay on track throuhgout the week






3) Plan and prepare your meals for the rest of the week:
Having healthy meals packed and ready to go is the best way to avoid eating those unhealthy leftovers. I like to shoot for 300-400 calories per meal, which makes it easier for me to figure out portion sizes and what I’m going to eat during the week. **power tip** When you can’t decide and when you can’t say no to those barbeque ribs and chicken. Trim off the excess skin and fat, measure out a reasonable portion (approx. 3oz.) and serve with veggies and/or a salad. This way, you’re not denying yourself or sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Remember, moderation is key.

Weekly meal prep, calorie count for week

This is how I plan meals each week. Breaking down the calories for each meal helps me plan ahead and stay on track.

4) Get active:
Exercise can be the last thing on your mind during a holiday weekend, so right now you may feel sluggish and blah. Go out of your way to get more movement throughout the week. Not only will you benefit from the extra calories burned, but you’ll feel better from the endorphins released.

Being active after binging can help burn unwanted calories





5) Pay attention to how you feel:

Though the junk I ate tasted good, it didn’t really go down easy. I’ve been gassier than usual (TMI…I know) and have had an upset stomach off-and-on all weekend. I’ve learned that my body has adapted to eating whole foods and isn’t at its best when I fill it with junk. Though it didn’t take me pigging out to discover this, I’m happy nonetheless.

What about you? What do you do to get yourself back on track after a weekend of overindulgence?

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