Making Healthy Changes in 2016

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Making healthy changes in the new year requires faith, planning, faith and focus.

Making healthy changes in the new year requires faith, planning, faith and focus.

As 2015 comes to a close, I’ve decided to use the final days of the year to create my healthy living game plan for 2016. Now, don’t go giving me too much credit. I’ve literally eaten so much junk over the holidays that I’m actually looking forward to eating something…anything green. In fact, I’m so excited that I’ve decided to begin planning while I’m still on vacation, which is a definite first for me, LOL.

As I reflect on 2015, I realize that I have a problem with consistency. Here’s the thing: I can be super disciplined for a month…maybe two. Then, before I know it, I’ve let old habits creep up that ultimately undo all my progress. I don’t know all the reasons why I struggle with consistency, but I do know that when something significant comes up (studying for exams, crazy days at work, family issues, etc.) I let my healthy habits slip away, and the cycle of unhealthiness begins. The cycle looks something like this: the longer I eat unhealthy foods, the more guilty I feel. The more guilty I feel, the more junk I eat to ease the frustration of being off-track. The longer I stay off-track, the further I push myself away from being the person that I want to be. Admittedly, I don’t really know how to fix this problem. I think there’re so many underlying issues that affect my consistency that there really isn’t a simple remedy. However, I do believe that learning to control my emotions without the assistance of food will be the key to my success. That said, in 2016 I’m going to build myself up spiritually by spending more time in prayer and seeking God’s direction on how to navigate the tough issues in life. I feel confident that going into the new year with a plan, a renewed focus and a commitment to work through my issues without eating unhealthy foods will help me accomplish great things.

Oh yeah, so back to my plan. In 2016, I will continue working on my goals to lose weight and become fitter (still deciding on the amount of weight to set for my goal). I made some great progress this year, mainly in terms of meal prepping/planning and being more active. I found that the more I planned and tracked my snacks and meals, the more likely I was to stay on track, so this is something that I will remain committed to. I will do my grocery shopping every weekend and will base most of my meals around healthy foods that are on sale (got to stick to my budget y’all.)

As far as nutrition goes, I’ve been reading up on holistic remedies and the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, and I’m pretty intrigued. As an allergy and psoriasis sufferer, I’ve spent lots of time and money on medications that at best ease my symptoms but never really cure the issues. So, since traditional medicine hasn’t been effective, I’ve decided to eat a whole-foods diet that promotes internal healing and weight loss. Now, I won’t be eating anything crazy, but my focus is to let the majority of my meals bring my body into a healthier alkaline state. I’m fairly certain that the diet will help me lose weight, but I’m pretty skeptical about whether or not it will heal my immune system. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted =).

So, what about you? What are you planning to do differently in 2016? What are your tips to remain consistent throughout the year?

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